Adjustable Beds

The Benefits of Payless Mattress Adjustable Beds

The health benefits of the adjustable beds from Payless Mattress Canada are numerous. One of the major relief points that a customer will enjoy is the reduction of back pain.

If your spine is not properly aligned lifting the head of the adjustable bed to 45-degrees will limit the compression of your lower back. Additionally, raising the foot-end of the adjustable bed helps alleviate and avoid poor circulation in the legs and feet.

Helping with poor circulation can be vitally important for people that live with a variety of vascular disorders from varicose veins to diabetes. In consultation with your medical advisor, you may find that raising the feet above the level of the heart while you rest improves overall blood circulation and can help with uncomfortable swelling and may lower the risk of developing blood clots and sores in some people.

Adjustable Bed Frame Payless Mattress Mississauga Ontario
Adjustable Bed Frame Payless Mattress Mississauga Ontario with Memory Foam Mattress Installed
Adjustable Bed Frame with Full Bed enjoyed by couple and their dog available at Payless Mattress Mississauga Ontario