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We offer a wide variety of Quality Beds, Mattresses and Accessories!
At Payless Mattress we are constantly adjusting our prices in order to offer customers the best deals in town!

We sell quality name brands and bedding products to ensure you get everything you need in one store.

Get The Rest You Deserve!
Tips for a Better Night Sleep from Payless Mattress: (General/Adult) Millions of people wake up every morning - if not in the middle of the night - with back pain. Scientific research confirms that chronic back pain is reduced when people stop sleeping on their old mattresses and switch to new ones.

For Parents ~ Pay attention to your child's mattress. Handing down an old mattress to a child isn't a good idea. Because mattresses wear out over time, its' important to maximize your child's chances of restful sleep by making sure he or she is sleeping on a mattress that is comfortable and supportive enough in order to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

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